How We Started

Sidekicks Salsa was a total fluke started by two Clevelanders, Danny Soza & Jessie Green. In the summer of 2013, we were asked to compete in the local chef Salsa Smackdown for Countryside Conservancy Farmers Market in Peninsula, Ohio and WON!! 

Customers at the market asked to buy some of our winning salsa. We participated for fun and had nothing to sell.  We considered forming a company. It seemed like a far-fetched idea at the time, but with a few months of research and energy, Sidekicks Salsa was born! We worked to replicate & perfect our winning salsa and the yummy result is our Garden Citrus Mild. Since then, we have expanded to add our Ohio Hot, SoGreen Salsa Verde, and You’ll Need a Cold Beer Extra Hot flavors.


What We’re Doing

Today, we produce our salsas locally in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio.  We take great care and pride in our methods, focusing on healthy alternatives and the freshest produce.  We use citrus juice and pure honey as our base and skip the bleached sugars and vinegar.  All of our salsas are low in sodium.  We take the time to make a reduction with crisp juices and fresh vegetables, as a unique way to concentrate flavors.  The result is a fresh, bright and delicious taste.

We believe we make a high quality product that you can enjoy with any meal.  Visit one of our retailers and pick up your favorite flavor.  Be sure to Check out our recipe section to discover how salsa is #notjustforchips.